Bahamas travel guide

To encounter the expert and learned Bahamian friendliness amid your excursion to The Bahamas, search for this sticker on Bahamahost taxicabs and transports. Overseen by the National Association of Bahamahost, the program advances polished methodology, pride and instruction in the neighborliness business to guarantee a warm welcome to guests.

The preparation acquaints all members with right and exact data on the nation’s history, geology, municipal instruction, economy, culture, greenery, fauna, and spots of intrigue. Extra accentuation is put on attitudinal preparing, collaboration, and participation. Alumni of the program get a Bahamahost ID identification and vehicle proprietors get a Bahamahost sticker. All graduates are urged to post their identification or decal with satisfaction.

Guests and business voyagers will find that media transmission benefits in The Bahamas are tantamount to the administrations found in most created nations. A 100% computerized exchanging framework permits coordinate dialing in excess of 100 nations. The United States and Canada are open by an immediate call and most lodgings offer direct dialing from the rooms and/or the meeting focus. The Bahamas Telephone Company (BTC) gives an assortment of administrations past the phone: fax, wire, Internet, cell benefit, private line administration, satellite and radio renting, and an improved VHF-FM radiotelephone benefit that enables you to contact vessels adrift. You can spare cash on long separation calls by buying telephone cards. These have great rates to the United States and Canada and can be found at any BTC area in Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, or The Out Islands.

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